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With Love + Purpose: Shine the Light

I am a survivor of domestic violence. I would love to say that the pain and heartbreak I experienced for over ten years left me when I left my toxic relationship. But the truth is: the pain remains. I have learned healthy and effective ways to manage these memories, but I have realized as time goes on that I simply cannot rely upon my fight and my efforts made in therapy and through health regimens to heal and experience hope. I need something more. And while I am in a true loving relationship with a wonderful man and I am a mother to a beautiful and bright young boy - all of which brings me such joy and peace - I feel that my life as a survivor is at its most meaningful when I am using my pain for a greater and positive purpose: in helping others. When I am helping someone to understand the truth of her own situation, or when I make a positive connection at a market or pop up shop or even at random on the street, I feel deeply connected to my own purpose, and to my path for healing.

I knew when I started my business in 2016 that my work had to be more than just an enjoyable activity for me, it had to have purpose. I decided to donate ten percent of my sales to domestic violence awareness as part of my Shine the Light Campaign. In two years I’ve been fortunate to donate considerably to and become an active member in local and national organizations and foundations dedicated to giving victims and survivors a voice:

In February of 2018 I established Shine the Light Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on the education and outreach for domestic violence. Part of my Shine the Light Campaign now includes support of my foundation and its programming.

Warmth of a Memory + Strength of a Story

Beyond running a successful business and a foundation, I’m looking to connect with people. Ever since I was a little girl I loved story telling. As an adult, I can appreciate the strength of narrative and how it can both encourage and inspire. Narrative can bring people together, transport you to familiar and faraway places, and often: narrative can heal.

Your sense of smell is the strongest attached to memory. A certain aroma can do wonders to connect us with and resurface old memories. And while it’s important to live in the present, there’s something truly meaningful in remembering moments from our own history. Sharing these stories with each other is such a powerful and joyful experience in humility, kindness, and understanding.

Each of my scents are inspired by people, places, and experiences from my life. The unique names are like chapter titles to part of my story, revealed and experienced with each burn. So far, I’ve shared parts about my childhood; my time as a freshly single woman trying to rebuild herself whilst living in a studio apartment in Washington, DC; my partner and his unconditional love and unwavering support; and a bit about my experience of being raised in a southern family with southern values.

About the Process

I hand pour my candles in small batches in my home studio in Newark, Delaware. Each candle is handcrafted with precision, care, and with respect to traditional processes of apothecaries past. Simple and modern with small-town and vintage charm, these candles bring warmth, comfort, and a rustic sophistication to any home.

I use natural soy wax made from American-grown soy beans along with lead and zinc free natural cotton wicks, providing for an eco-friendly, clean and even burn. My candles are scented with premium grade fragrance and essential oils. No added dyes or chemicals.

Each scent is carefully developed and mixed by hand. Each candle is cured for at least one week, often longer, to allow for a sincere marriage of wax to oil and true development of aroma.

Candle Safety + Burning Tips

It is best to keep your candle wick trimmed to no shorter than 1/4 inch before each burn (more often than not, this happens naturally and you seldom have to trim). Once lit, it is best if not imperative to burn the candle for at least one hour to establish an even wax pool that reaches the edges of the vessel. Soy wax has a memory; it has the tendency to follow the same burn radius (wax pool area) as its previous burn. Establishing an even wax pool is highly recommended to maximize the life of your candle.

Burn your candle within sight and never unattended. Keep away from drafts and vibrations, and free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn a candle on an uneven surface or near anything that can catch fire.