Collections Look Book: Custom Collaborations



The Vintage Pantry Company

Wilmington, Delaware


The Vintage Pantry Company also carries a large selection of scents from my collections. Be sure to check out their shop!

This scent was created especially for my dear friends at The Vintage Pantry Company, a mother-daughter business in Wilmington, Delaware. Their love of vintage pieces and the appreciation of how unique finds not only style a home but tell a story, is what connected us from the start. Their shop is beautifully curated, and perfectly cozy.

I love visiting their shop, not just for the fun finds but also to see how much they support fellow small businesses and artisans. In addition to carrying my candles, they also offer a variety of items handcrafted with love by local and regional artists.

For both the Vintage Pantry gals and myself, this scent captures the comfort of heirlooms, the thrill and the magic of new discoveries, and the softness felt from sharing stories.



Bodhi Counseling + Healing

North East, Maryland

These scents were created especially for my dear friends at Bodhi Counseling and Healing, a mental health practice in North East, Maryland. As a survivor of domestic violence myself, I know first-hand the value of therapy and the importance of taking the journey to healing. At Bodhi, an open environment is created to exchange ideas, help alleviate stress, and promote personal growth.

There are four scents in this custom collection: AWAKENING, BALANCE, CLARITY, and SACRED SPACES - the first three embodying what Bodhi founder Jesse Fairchild and Bodhi Clinician Nicole Nimmons describe as the “ABC’s of healing.”

“The name Bodhi is a Sanskrit word which has no direct English translation, but is often associated with Enlightenment. More accurately it means to awaken to what already existed.  In my mind [these scents] smell like that…like something you already knew, but forgot about.  Like a remembering of sorts.”

- Jesse Fairchild, LCPC, founder of Bodhi

The journey of healing has its challenges but is incredibly rewarding. Fairchild describes the goals of this journey, as seen in the work of her practice:

“It is within this compassionate and caring alliance that clients are able to begin healing. Healing not only addresses the current issue, but serves to apply knowledge gained to new situations as they arise. The goal is not curing illness, but healing emotional pain. Healing can transform pain into something great, something life-changing in a positive way. We often perceive situations as painful or difficult without appreciating that it is these very situations that lead to compassion and strength. Only by confronting and reflecting on the challenges inherent in moments of pain can we truly grow and become something better than we were before the challenge.”

These scents encompass the pivotal points in a person’s journey of healing:

  • AWAKENING - transition from the darkness of pain to the light of hope

  • BALANCE - self-discovery and (re)establishing one’s footing

  • CLARITY - healthy outlook

  • SACRED SPACES is a compliment to the scents of this journey and something of a capstone to this custom collection, capturing the strength and comfort found in the meditative moments of healing.