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On Friendship: It's The Little Things

A dear friend of mine from my DC days recently connected with me to talk about a scent that is special to her. We have kept in touch over the years, and the fact that she digs my candles so much - living in NYC and having seen her share of boutique and high end lines - is so encouraging.

She sent me an envelope a few months back that contained a note and a small plastic ziplock filled with timut peppercorns. She said she absolutely loves the spice but her partner: not so much. She’s a chef, and so not only is her sniffer acutely perceptive but her appreciation for scent complexity runs deep. If you’ve never smelled timut pepper, it’s a delightful combination of bright citrus and earthy, warm, spice. In her note, she had asked if I could try and recreate this scent. I love a good challenge so I was totally on board.

Months later (I admittedly shelved the effort for a bit, to focus on other things that took precedence) I arrived at a small assortment of four scents reminiscent of a chef’s spice cabinet and within the aroma family of timut. I’m sending her the testers this week, and can’t wait to hear her thoughts. Who knows, maybe her favorite will become a new signature scent to add my collection, and to my story.

Thank You

Thank You

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