“The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind.”
— Thalassa Cruso

Collections Look Book: My Story

Each of my scents are inspired by people, places, and experiences from my life. The unique names of each scent are reflective of these memories, revealed and experienced with each burn.

Through scent I share parts about my childhood; my time as a freshly single woman trying to rebuild herself whilst living in a studio apartment in Washington, D.C.; my partner and his unconditional love and unwavering support; my time in France when I fell in love with the discovery of the new and first realized the importance of listening to and trusting myself; the joy (and humor) of being a mother; and a bit about my experience of being raised in a southern family with southern values. I also feature scents that represent ideas and beliefs that are meaningful to me.

I hope you enjoy these scents and their stories as much as I do.

More on the importance of sharing my story.






On Healing


A Southern Thing

Studio in the City

“Mostly, we don’t remember the days. We remember the moments.”
— Cesar Pavese

Love Story


La France




Photo:  Lukas North

Illustrating the Moments: Meet the Artist

During my time living in Washington, D.C., I made a lifelong friend named Amy Wike.

Her beautiful spirit, kind heart, and strength of character are matched by her incredible talent for capturing the simplicity and wonder in narrative illustration. Her work that appears on my site helps tell my story by capturing “chapters” or narrative headings. My story—the people, places, and experiences—is what inspires my collections. Some of her illustrations also appear on custom collaboration candles, helping to tell the story behind these scents.

Amy’s thoughtful and thought-provoking oeuvre extends past the page into the realm of fiber and site-specific art. She’s had solo shows and installations throughout the D.C. metro area, and still today she continues her love of knitting.

View more of her illustration work on her online shop. Learn more about her fiber art on her artist website.