“there are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”
— Edith Wharton

Shine the Light

Campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness

One in five women in America will experience domestic or sexual violence in her lifetime. Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten. Nearly twenty people per minute in America are physically abused by an intimate partner; during one year, this equates to over ten million men and women.

As a survivor, I am committed to my endeavor to help those who have been affected by such violence and abuse. For every candle sold I donate ten percent to my Shine the Light Campaign which supports organizations and foundations devoted to raising awareness and fostering advocacy, and who provide a voice to victims and survivors.

Organizations I have supported through my Shine the Light Campaign:

 I am so grateful for the support of my business which has allowed me to in turn support these important organizations. By shopping my collections you are not only supporting my small business (and landing yourself some pretty fantastic scents!) but also making a difference - shining the light - in the efforts to broaden awareness for domestic violence.


On February 28, 2018 I formally established Shine the Light Foundation - a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education, outreach, and awareness for domestic violence. 

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In addition to my Shine the Light Campaign, I featured three scents - ones that tell part of my Love Story - for the month of October. The full amount of purchases of these scents made during the month of October were donated to Shine the Light Foundation. With your support, over $400 was donated to the foundation and will be put towards programming and outreach.